Level   10

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Medical coordinator / WatSan Coordinator/Logistics Coordinator/ Project Coordinator (when based in project)

Reports to (Functional)

WatSan Coordinator/ Logistics Coordinator/ WatSan Advisor HQ

Job Family

Logistics & Supply / Medical

Main Purpose

Leading the WatSan activities in the mission, providing technical guidance and ensuring the correct implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the overall content of all WatSan programs in the country, its national policies, guidelines and common practices, in accordance with MSF protocols, standards and policies in order to optimize the mission’s response to the needs of the target population and ensure an optimal running of the project


  • In collaboration with the Country Management Team (CMT), and the WatSan Advisor, elaborating the WatSan strategies and activities for the country and /or mission, ensuring compliance with essential WatSan requirements, in order to prioritize objectives and plan activities accordingly
  • In collaboration with medical teams, conducting assessments, identifying WatSan needs, and based on findings, recommending appropriate responses to CMT. Contributing to the development of project proposals and/or work plans, when WatSan is integrated in medical interventions
  • Being responsible at mission level for the supervision and monitoring of the WatSan activities, ensuring that the works are done following MSF protocols, national policies and state regulations and project specifications.
  • Validating the technicity of the WatSan projects in the mission, participating in the planning, project design and development and ensuring compliance with the local legislation and practices.
  • Planning and organizing, in collaboration with the Logistics Coordinator, the purchase of required materials and equipment, in order to ensure appropriate technical specifications, stock management and timely deliveries
  • Developing community participation strategies related to the improvement of WatSan practices, engaging local authorities or other non-governmental actors, in order to improve the standard of living conditions of the target population
  • Coordinating the implementation of WatSan reporting systems, project standards and indicators (both qualitative and financial) in order to ensure the expected quality, terms and costs and to early detect/report potential deviations and propose solutions, in collaboration with the Medical, Logistical and the Financial Coordinators
  • Identifying, collaborating and providing main support in the WatSan technical representatives of the national interlocutors like ministries or national suppliers. Preparing all WatSan technical content in the national and international tenders and participating in the selection committee.
  • Planning and supervising, in close coordination with the HR Co, the associated processes (recruitment, training/induction, evaluation, potential detection, development and communication) of the staff under his/her hierarchical supervision in order to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required
  • Writing the WatSan part of SitRep, monthly WatSan reports, collaborating with other members of CMT for quarterly reports


  • Academic background in engineering or an equivalent relevant training


  • Previous MSF experience as a WatSan required, preferably in low income countries


  • Mission language essential, local language desirable


  • Computer literacy (word, excel)


  • People Management & Development L2
  • Results & Quality Orientation L3
  • Teamwork & Cooperation L3
  • Analytical Thinking L2
  • Behavioural Flexibility L3

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