Level   7

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Medical Coordinator/ Deputy Medical Coordinator

Reports to (Functional)

Medical Coordinator/ Deputy Medical Coordinator

Main Purpose

Ensure the follow-up and management of patients (MSF-staff or beneficiary) in need of referral to a third level health facility, in accordance with the Mission's policy and referral criteria.


  • Ensuring that all referrals are approved according to the patient referral criteria established by the mission. Evaluate each referral proposal and validate according to agreed upon criteria.
  • Ensuring the management of patients referred .
  • Together and in coordination with the project team and the logistics department, organizing the movement of patients, guards and accompanying medical staff (when necessary).
  • Referring/accompanying the patient to the most appropriate hospital, according to the patient's pathology and the competencies/specialties of each of the selected structures and according to the mission's referral policy, to ensure the best possible care.
  • Ensuring regular monitoring of the patient's progress, with regular visits to the health facilities, participation in ward rounds of our patients, and discussions if necessary with the staff, making sure that the treatment is given and the diagnostic tests are performed within the established criteria;
  • Ensuring that MSF patients do receive timely their treatment (are not being kept unnecessarily )not hang around in the chosen hospitals for no logical reason in order to avoid additional costs for MSF
  • Informing the medical coordination in case of difficulties in management.
  • Taking care of administrative issues related to referrals (completion of patient files, counter-referrals, per diem, invoice control, appointments, etc.).
  • Ensuring the regular update of the referral table of each project, and send them on a weekly basis for a good follow-up of the evolution of referred patients.
  • Ensuring that the counter-referral file is sent to the projects once the patient is discharged from the health facility.
  • MSF focal point in the hospitals where the patients are referred, were the interlocutor with the nursing staff (nurses, doctors, surgeons) and administrative staff of the health structures involved.
  • If necessary, supporting the department in other areas related to patient management (sending samples, tracking specific drugs with the Ministry of Health and others).
  • According to the national staff health policy, following up on patients (MSF staff) referred to the selected hospitals. Evaluate/validate/schedule (in communication with medical coordination) needed services outside the framework agreement.


  • Registered nurse or other health specialization required
  • Course in tropical medicine desirable


  • Experience in similar contexts desirable
  • Experience with MSF and collaboration with Ministry of Health institutions


  • Mission language required


  • Computer literacy

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