Level   6

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Head of Mission

Reports to (Functional)

Abuse and Ethics lead / MIO Abuse Prevention and Ethics (if exist)

Job Family


Main Purpose

In collaboration with line manager, contribute to the abuse prevention and ethics within the mission through awareness sessions and identification of the main obstacles preventing abuses in the mission, according to MSF policies and value in order to promote responsible behavior within the mission.


  • Analyze existing sensitiveness, knowledge, barriers and awareness in relation to Responsible Behavior, the current weaknesses in the mission and to adapt the awareness sessions to the context.
  • To sensitize patients and caretakers in relation to the matter, and to evaluate how they relate to MSF and MOH staffs (when in collaboration with the MoH) regarding behavior and abuse prevention, aiming to propose strategic changes when needed.
  • Raise awareness at field level with all field staff (MSF and MoH staff) about Abuse Prevention, explaining to all staff individual and institutional responsibility, and what do to if they are victim, or if they witness of an abuse towards staff and beneficiaries.
  • Liaise with the MIO Abuse Prevention and with the Abuse and Ethics Lead to update on findings and progresses in missions.
  • Produce monthly report including assessment of the context related to barriers, weaknesses and strengths of the mission, main topics of discussion and problems encountered, sessions and trainings done, reporting and communication systems that are in place or in need to be established/ to change.
  • Support CMT’s in establishing sustainable communication channels on the matter with each project,
  • In collaboration with the HRCo, analyses the local resources as NGOs and associations if any implicated in prevention of sexual harassment and abuse.
  • To develop sexual harassment prevention sessions with MSF staff.
  • To support the Behavior Unit in disseminating prevention tools already developed and still to develop (videos, leaflets, posters).
  • To propose the adaptation of the tools to the context/populations.
  • To train some MSF staff, in collaboration and under the HRCo and the MIO Abuse Prevention supervisions, to act as behavioral advocates in the mission that can and should lead awareness sessions afterwards (through a Training of Trainers – TOT).
  • To collaborate with other MSF sections and NGOs in facilitating awareness sessions.


Bachelor degree in Social Science, Law , Education or Social Communication is desirable.


Experience and/or interest in social work /rights-based organizations, women organiza-tions. Social process facilitation is an asset.


Proficiency in the mission language and the local languages used by the population.


Able to organize and facilitate workshops. Preferable woman with experience in working with community based women organizations.

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