Level   5

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Supply Chain Manager (if any), Logistics Manager /Logistics Coordinator / Supply Chain Coordinator (if any)

Reports to (Functional)

Supply Supervisor / Supply Manager (if any) / Logistics Manager

Job Family

Logistics and Supply

Main Purpose

Performing the day to day implementation of supply procedures and ensuring efficient administrative processes for one or more areas of the supply programmes (Order Processing, Transport and Customs, Procurement, etc.) at coordination or project level according to MSF protocols, standards and procedures in order to ensure the optimal running of the mission


  • Performing the day to day activities ensuring an efficient running of the administration processes of the supply activities following the supply procedures according to MSF standards and protocols. The activities can include one or more of the following areas:
    • Order Processing: Performing the day to day order processing activities in a particular supply office (coordination or project level)
    • Purchasing: Performing the day to day purchasing activities in a particular supply office (coordination or project level)
    • Transport and Customs: Performing the day to day procedures and administrative processes for the clearance and transportation of goods in a particular supply office (coordination or project level) ensuring an efficient shipment of goods
  • Performing and coordinating administrative procedures related to his/her supply activity(ies), verifying the compliance to MSF procedures, standards and protocols
  • Ensuring that all necessary tools and management procedures are followed to avoid stock ruptures, losses and excess stocks in the mission
  • Performing delegated tasks according to his / her activity(ies) and as specified in his/her job description


  • Essential secondary education
  • Desirable technical diploma, in supply chain or commerce related studies


  • At least 2 years' experience in supply chain related jobs or in the logistics department
  • Desirable proven understanding of MSF Field Logistics


Essential mission language and local language desirable


Computer literacy


  • Results and Quality Orientation L1
  • Teamwork and Cooperation L1
  • Behavioural Flexibility L1
  • Commitment to MSF Principles L1
  • Service Orientation L1
  • Stress Management L2

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