Level   13

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Medical Coordinator

Reports to (Functional)

Medical Coordinator

Job Family

Medical & Paramedical

Main Purpose

As a member of the Coordination Team overseeing the quality and proper organisation of the entire medical supply process, proper management of the medical stock in the various projects, and in close collaboration with the Medco, the correct usage of medicines and medical materials, according to MSF health policies and protocols and the national and international laws, in order to ensure the quality medical care for patients and their communities and to improve the health condition of the population


  • Collaborating with the project’s medical teams, participating in meetings and actively contributing to CMT discussions on the running of projects and the definition of their objectives. Participating in the planning and setting-up of new pharmacies in the country and in support of the Medco, contributing to the drawing up and revising of the pharmaceutical budget and travelling to the different projects to supervise and monitor activities linked to the pharmacy.

  • Providing technical support to the Medical Coordinator on pharmaceutical issues (opinion on national legislation, pharmacological information, etc.) and passing on relevant information to the medical team (clinical information, use of medicines, side effects, adherence, etc.) In collaboration with the Medco defining, organizing and managing the stock pre-positioned in the capital. Ensuring information flow to the other members of the team concerning stock levels, pharmacy management and prescriptions.

  • In collaboration with the Medco and Logco, ensuring the existence and smooth running of a supply process for medicines and medical materials in the mission. In the event of local purchases, guaranteeing adherence to MSF’s recommendations and the information circuits to be followed. Ensuring rational use of medicines and pharmaceutical products (prescriptions). Ensuring appropriate support to effective collection of data for monitoring and surveillance of optimal quantity & quality of medicine use, antibiotic stewardship interventions such as restricted use of antibiotic review, follow up of pharmaceutical care plans, patient counseling, good dispensing practices and safe medication practices.

  • In collaboration with the LogCo, ensuring the good distribution and storage practices for pharmaceutical projects, including proper cold chain management and maintenance and transport conditions. Ensuring that projects’ pharmacies are organized and managed properly and that the narcotics and psychotropic drugs management are in line with national legislation, enabling the traceability of products. Managing donations and the destruction of expired medicines in conformity with national procedures, as well as the emergency stock and emergency boxes.

  • Collaborating with the Medco, to consolidate, plan and monitor medical orders (including budgeting with the finance and logistics teams) Obtaining import authorisations from the national authorities and assisting the logistics teams with customs clearance procedures of medical orders.

  • Contributing to the analysis of performance indicators and the drafting of medical reports with the Medical Coordinator. Setting up a system for communicating with the projects with regards to data collection and checking and analysing consumption statistics, monthly data and any other data and indicators required for reports. Ensuring that a system exists for checking alignment between consumption and prescriptions for a list of key items and for collecting and analysing information relating to undesirable side effects of medicines and medical.

  • In close collaboration with the HR Coordinator, participating in the planning, definition and sizing of the health-workforce in the mission and supervising the associated processes (recruitment, training/induction, evaluation, potential detection, development and communication). Ensuring that new staff members hired are given a proper explanation of their role and information on the project’s general and specific objectives and activities linked to the pharmacy. Organising and leading regular team meetings.

  • Representing MSF with national authorities for any issues concerning pharmaceutical supply. Collecting information on national regulations relative to importing pharmaceutical products and maintains contacts in the Ministry of Health relating to his area of responsibility. Attending meetings and any workshops concerning pharmacy issues and passes on the minutes to the Medco


  • Qualified Pharmacist


  • Experience in pharmacy management
  • Experience in developing countries
  • Experience with MSF
  • Experience in management


  • Speaks French/English


  • Essential computer literacy (word, excel and internet)


  • Strategic Vision L2
  • Leadership L2
  • People Management and Development L3
  • Planning L3
  • Teamwork and Cooperation L4

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