Level   1

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Head of Labourers

Reports to (Functional)

Head of Labourers

Job Family

Logistics and Supply

Main Purpose

Carrying out basic technical and logistics work that does not require any special qualifications according to MSF procedures and following the line manager's instructions in order to contribute to the construction, smooth functioning, cleanliness and repairs within MSF premises.


  • Performing work in support of skilled workers in the maintenance of MSF premises, facilities and equipment in the areas of carpentry, plumbing, building structures, gardening, etc. This can include but are not limited to the following:
    • Loading and unloading vehicles
    • Assisting MSF staff carrying items if necessary
    • Ensuring there is enough water and reporting their scarcity (this does not apply for daily labourer.)
    • Performing simple earthwork for fixing roads and drains
    • Making minor repairs, maintenance and construction works e.g. changes light bulbs, repairs locks, fix fences, painted surfaces
    • Doing the gardening in order to maintain clean and organized all areas in the MSF premises
  • Ensuring cleanliness of working, common areas and the proper use, storage and maintenance of the equipment and tools provided.
  • Informing superiors of any incident that may occur in the course of his/her work.
  • Ensuring the proper use of extinguishers.(not standard for a daily labourer)
  • Performing tasks delegated to him/her as specified in his/her job description


None is required.


None is required.

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