Level   12

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Head of Mission

Reports to (Functional)

Air Operations Cell (AOC)

Job Family

Logistics & Supply

Main Purpose

Being responsible for defining, developing and coordinating the Air Operations Programme in the country. Ensuring the technical and operational management of all air operations involving MSF passengers and cargo. according to Air Ops and MSF protocols, standards and procedures in order to ensure flight safety and optimal use of the aircrafts to support the development of the missions present in the country


  • Being responsible for the set up and management of the MSF air operations in the country, defining the requirements ( office set up, equipment, staff, etc..) and managing the budget in order to respond to the operational and evacuation needs of the different missions present in the country
  • Ensuring implementation and application of the national/international rules, regulations and procedures defined in the Standard Operating. Procedures (SOP) and as agreed upon by the different sections. Securing overfly, landing approvals, confirmation, permits to operate all flights and all relevant inspection documents from Civil Aviation
  • Coordinating the flight planning, overseeing load control, passenger and cargo check-in and flight tracking. Coordinating and managing the packaging and loading of cargo on the flights, ensuring the documentation is properly prepared and validated. Ensuring that all MSF sections are informed about cargo and passengers scheduled on each flight. Being responsible for the Jet A1 supply management in the mission and for controlling the aircraft equipment requirements as per contract
  • Being the responsible focal point for flight safety and security, and evacuation. Taking necessary decisions such as refusing passengers or cargo, changing or cancelling an MSF flight due to security reasons, etc.
  • Being responsible for communication with the different actors (civil aviation authority, airport and ATC) and for the Search and Rescue SAR) operations (coordinating with aircraft’s operator, national authorities and/or other organizations)
  • Managing the flight operation team and Air Ops Cell staff in collaboration with the HR Coordinator (recruitment and training) as well as training the MSF staff at capital and field level on MSF Air Operations and briefing/debriefing crews
  • Being responsible for follow up and control of all invoices/expenses regarding air operations (fuel, airport taxes, navigations and parking fees, accommodation for the crew and giving recommendations on contract with Air Tech based on the demands on ground
  • Sending to the Air Operations Cell the Aircraft Utilization Report. Reporting to the HoM and Air Operations Cell any air hazards or incidents regarding MSF flights


Secondary education


  • Air flight management or pilot
  • Experience with MSF is an asset
  • IATA regulations certification is an asset
  • Flight operations experience is an asset

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