Level   8

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Project Coordinator (if in project) / Logistics Coordinator / Technical Logistics Coordinator

Reports to (Functional)

Electricity Manager / Logistics Coordinator / Technical Logistics Coordinator/ Regional Technical Referent

Job Family

Logistics and Supply

Main Purpose

Carry out the assessments and ensure the implementation, day-to-day management and control of the technical part of projects in the energy (and HVAC if relevant) domain, in accordance with MSF protocols, standards and procedures in order to ensure the optimal functioning of the project and the infrastructures and efficient use of systems and equipment.


  • In collaboration with his/her managers, provide support and guidance to the field staff in order to ensure that all electrical (and HVAC if relevant) installations comply with MSF standards, protocols and procedures, and the preventive and corrective maintenance is done accordingly.
  • Carry out evaluations, feasibility and detailed studies of the project to present hierarchical superiors different possible solutions to the difficulties encountered in his/her area of specialization, namely the installation, construction and commissioning of electrical (and HVAC if relevant) installations. In direct contact with staff, identify project needs and manage responses of requests by establishing priorities.
  • Provide support to the teams in the field in the energy (and HVAC if relevant) domain and assist in the training of project technicians to make them autonomous for preventive maintenance, basic troubleshooting and small jobs. Ensuring that technicians are able to implement safely procedure for themselves and users.
  • Guides and supports the field teams to define and implement preventive and corrective maintenance procedures
  • Raises the awareness on energy use for all staff and advices on strategies to improve energy efficiency of the site.
  • Provide training for technicians on appropriate use and maintenance of existing and new installations.
  • Act as an itinerant support of the mission implementing proposed solutions when needed and provide managers with duly documented technical advice.
  • If necessary, defines procedures and / or protocols for the proper functioning of the electrical (and HVAC if rele-vant) installations in the field.
  • Performs regular inspections of the interventions and condition of the electrical (and HVAC if relevant) installations.
  • Participates in the evaluation of local actors and ensures the quality of services and supplies.
  • Checks and advises on international orders for consumables and replacement equipment.
  • Ensures the management of stocks and equipment in his/her specialty area at mission level
  • Ensures that all design, operating and maintenance documentation is up to date (report, asset management tool, diagrams and layouts, consumption reports, power assessments, cooling and heating need assessments).
  • Ensure that the right equipment and electrical tools are in place and correctly used.
  • Identifying, defining and implementing solutions and strategies that reduce the environmental footprint of the electrical installations (and HVAC if relevant) in the mission/projects. These strategies englobe not only technical solutions but also how the electrical installations are used, maintained and managed. The main objective of reducing the environmental footprint entails energy efficiency, reducing the carbon dioxide emissions, a proper waste management and the use of sustainable and adapted solutions according to the context


Essential secondary education and technical diploma electrical or technical university degree in energy, mechanical and/or electricity domain


  • Essential at least one year of working experience in logistics related activities in the concerning specialty.
  • Desirable previous experience with MSF or other NGOs, and working experience in developing countries

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