Level   4

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Head of drivers/ Logistics Supervisor/ Logistics Manager

Reports to (Functional)

Head of drivers/ Logistics Supervisor/ Logistics Manager

Job Family

Logistics and Supply

Main Purpose

Ensuring efficient, correct and safe transport and timely delivery of authorized goods, medical products and passengers using a motor vehicle of more than 3.5 tons or other specialised vehicles requiring special driving licenses/training ensuring the technical and safety conditions in accordance with the country's traffic rules and MSF security rules


  • Being responsible for the vehicle and its contents and for the safe delivery of goods being transported. Performing or verifying the safe and correct loading and unloading, ensuring the loads are balanced and are properly secured and protected
  • Providing first level maintenance of the vehicle and engine, i.e. controlling the state of the vehicle and ensuring its daily check which includes the following: levels of fuel, engine oil, coolant, brake liquid, windows washing liquid as well as the cleanliness of the radiator grill, the state of the tires, radio equipment, etc. Performing basic repairs if needed.
  • Operating different types of vehicles (truck, tractor trailer) and handling equipment or engines such as trolleys, pallet trucks and forklifts
  • Determining the route and the timetable to follow or respect those that have been provided beforehand
  • Ensuring that all vehicle documents are valid and available in the vehicle and that all goods and passengers have all necessary papers in order before travelling. Ensuring that all administrative documents are properly filled in at all times (transport documents, customs formalities, accident report, reception and delivery forms)
  • Knowing how to use all types of radios, codes, and call numbers and radio alphabets by heart and communicating with base according to MSF communications policy to inform the driver's position and any potential implications.
  • Knowing and respecting the security rules related to vehicle movements, following and applying security instructions and adapting the driving according to external factors such as weather conditions, the traffic rules in the country, the itinerary, in city or highway, day or night and the traffic density


Essential permanent and recognised driving license for heavy vehicles of more than 3.5 tons (trucks) and all the required documents for driving a vehicle such as insurance, permit and list of the radio frequencies HF, VHF, maps)


  • At least 2 years' experience in driving heavy vehicles of more than 3.5 tons. Familiar with the use of 4WD and diff locks
  • Previous experience with similar positions with other organizations

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