Level   9

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Project Medical Referent

Reports to (Functional)

Medical Coordinator/HQ Referent Epidemiology

Job Family

Medical and Paramedical

Main Purpose

Defining, coordinating and monitoring all data related activities including data collection, analysis, reporting, monitoring and evaluation processes according to MSF protocols, standards and procedures in order to ensure quality medical care for patients and their communities and to improve the health condition of the population


  • With the support of the Desk Epidemiologist, creating, reviewing and adapting data collection tools according to the project indicators, and coordinating the development, implementation and follow up of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for documentation. Developing and implementing data quality assurance methods to ensure good performance of the activities and reliability of the information, treating with respect and confidentiality all patient information

  • Providing technical support to the medical team and data entry staff in the implementation of routine data recording, collection and entry for the selected project indicators in clinics and/or hospitals and/or health centers. Organizing and implementing or providing technical support in the establishment of monitoring tools for new activities as initiated in the project.

  • On a monthly, quarterly or basis of request, implementing detail analysis of recorder data for key indicators for the project in order to facilitate the definition, redefinition or reorientation of project activity. This will also include analysis of the district’s (MoH) cohort data, whenever available. Following the analysis, identifying and reporting any new and interesting indicators for review with the medical team for potential follow up where relevant.

  • Managing and supervising the work of the data team personnel for quality assurance including identification of training needs and providing coaching for the staff on issues related to data

  • Planning and supervising, with support of the HR department, the associated HR processes (recruitment, training/induction, evaluation, potential detection, motivation, development and internal communication) the data team in order to ensure having the appropriate team in terms of size, capabilities and skills

  • Participating in meetings and/or trainings as requested scheduled by manager or MSF. This includes but is not limited to MSF internal meetings and/or trainings, and local, regional, or international meetings and/or trainings

  • On a monthly basis and in collaboration with the medical team, preparing and submitting summary reports on analysed data for both MoH and MSF and preparing and implementing MSF internal monthly or quarterly medical data presentation, including facilitation of team reflection and sharing of updates to promote team dynamism and reactivity

  • Performing additional activities whenever needed and as requested by the supervisor


  • Desirable degree (or masters) in Epidemiology or Public Health with extensive training in statistics and epidemiology
  • Desirable specialization or training in tropical diseases


  • Desirable working experience with MSF or other NGOs.
  • At least 2 years of experience in M&E/Data Management.
  • Previous experience in TB and/or HIV information management is an asset

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