Level   13

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Head of Mission

Reports to (Functional)

HR and Fin referents in the cell at HQ

Job Family


Main Purpose

Ensure completeness, correctness, timeliness and integrity of the financial administration on mission level 1- Ensure completeness and correctness of budgeting and financial reporting for the mission, including donors and local authorities 2- Ensure compliance with MSF financial, administrative and Human Resources policies and procedures in order to achieve mission goals effectively and keep strict control on the resources allocation.


  • Is an active member of the Mission Coordination Team (MCT), contributing to the mission’s objectives definitions and missions strategic plans.
  • As a member of the coordination team and in close collaboration with them,and the Field Managers, define and implement the organizational structure set up of the mission and its projects, designing charts and jobs, as well as the different levels of responsibility and delegation, in order to efficiently ensure mission strategy deployment and to provide a value driven organization.
  • Together with the Mission Coordination Team and the Field Managers, plan HR operational and budget needs in order to efficiently ensure the required sizing and capabilities of the mission.
  • Support the Mission Coordination Team and Field Managers in the recruitment processes, ensuring a coherent management of administrative and legal procedures (recruitment, end of contract, payment of national and local taxes, proper upkeep of personnel files, management of overtime, etc.), all across the mission in order to meet resources needs in a convenient manner.
  • Support the Mission Coordination Team and Field Managers in detecting training needs according to operational requirements, in evaluating people’s performance and in implementing the associated action plans in order to improve people capabilities and their end results contribution to mission goals.
  • Define and coordinate the local implementation in the field, in accordance to MSF practices and local regulations checking the monthly calculations of salaries and taxes, a fair rewarding policy in order to ensure internal equity, and adequate competitiveness and legal compliance.
  • Coordinate the implementation, according to MSF policies, of career development programs to high potential collaborators in order to increase long term commitment and contribution.
  • Define and coordinate the internal communication policy, in collaboration with all field coordination teams, organising personnel meetings and broadcasting MSF values and vision, in order to boost people commitment, active participation and adherence to corporate values.
  • Coordinate the implementation of all administrative local protocols and procedures, organising regular information meetings with all the personnel and systematically participating in briefings of all the coordinators and managers concerned (national and international), supervising the administrative processes for expatriates and managing conflicts when appear, in order to ensure labour legal compliance and to improve employer branding awareness.
  • Coordinate, in close coordination with the medical services, the implementation of safety/security/medical protocols in order to ensure healthy and risk-free working conditions for both the capital and field staff.
  • Provide support and guidance to line management in handling staff (expat or national staff) conflicts
  • Coordinates the implementation of Homere including the preparation of the payroll (in line with local legislation regarding social security/tax payments).
  • Is responsible to produce and coordinate the mission’s annual budget, in the most accurate and realistic manner, together with budget holders (and users :OCB) and in coherence with the annual operational plan, to update this budget throughout the budget cycle, to ensure means are relevant and proportionate, anticipate changes and challenges and plan accordingly. OCB : this notion corresponds to the budget user concept
  • Is responsible for monitoring expenses vs budget on a regular basis, to analyze variances, to decide corrective actions if necessary,.,
  • Produces regular and adequate indicators to monitor financial health of the mission, to produce and share relevant cost analysis
  • Is responsible to ensure proper implementation and respect of MSF policies and guidelines, design or adapt relevant local policies, procedures and tools for optimized management of the mission financial resources
    • Be responsible for the definition of the financial strategy for the mission together with the Head of Mission and in collaboration with the technical referent at HQ, manage the funding agreements with donors, in particular: Coordinate and prepare proposals for donors.
    • Prepare the financial reports to donors.
    • Do donors’ contracts follow-up and analyze the need for amendments, verify financial reports
  • Is responsible to train & coach all finance staff in the mission in all aspects related to accounting finance and budget, as well as sensitize key executive staff such as coordinators, budget holders & and relevant managers on financial risks and the extent of their financial responsibilities.
  • Is responsible to assess and mitigate the financial risks on the mission, ensure that reliable internal control systems are in place, and financial ethics is respected within the mission
  • Is responsible to check that the administrative procedures related to taxes and payment of social security obligations are followed, and comply with established legal procedures in the country:
    • Is responsible, coordinate and ensure the operation of the treasury for the smooth running of operations at all times and maintain as much control as possible about the security risks, in particular: Coordinate and prepare proposals for donors.
    • Prepare the financial reports to donors.
    • Do donors’ contracts follow-up and analyze the need for amendments
    • Monitor the payment of suppliers and staff salaries.
  • Is responsible to coordinate and supervise local audits relating to accounting, tax, labour matters as well as promote internal audits, in order to determine the legality and veracity of the accounts of MSF's mission.
  • Is responsible to coordinate and oversee the monthly closing of accounts with the aim that the statement reflects the financial reality of the mission.
  • Is responsible to implement a relevant organizational set-up of the mission, to ensure that all financial obligations are met, while risks mitigated
  • Is responsible of the proper application of HR policies and associated processes (recruitment, training, briefing/debriefing, evaluation, potential, detection, staff’s development and internal communication) in order to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required for the activities he/she is accountable for:
  • Is responsible for supervising Services Contracts in the Mission (maintenance, rental of premises, etc). draft & check contracts and agreements in line with the existing legal framework, decide on relevant insurance to subscribe, seek legal advice when needed.
  • Ensures all Mission’s staff is briefed on the proper use of MSF resources and ethic-related expenditures.
  • Is responsible for the collection of information on resources and for translating them into a budget.


University degree required, preferably in Economics/Finances/HR management


At least 2 years of previous experience in relevant jobs.


Mission language essential.


  • Strategic vision
  • Leadership
  • People Management
  • Planning
  • Teamwork

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