Level   11

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Project Coordinator

Reports to (Functional)

Watsan Coordinator or Referent Medical or Logistics Coordinator

Job Family

Logistics and Supply

Main Purpose

Overall responsible for the correct planning, implementation and monitoring of the Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (Watsan) content of a project with multiple Watsan Managers, maintaining the oversight of all teams involved in the application of major Watsan activities at the project level, according to MSF protocols, standards and procedures in order to improve health and living conditions of the targeted population (in contexts with major Watsan program)


  • Being responsible for leading the design, technical implementation, acceptance and management of all assigned Watsan interventions (water supply, excreta disposal, waste management, vector control and dead bodies management) and teams in the project. In collaboration with the Medical Coordinator, leads the development of project proposals and/or work plans, when Watsan activities are integrated in medical interventions. For some interventions, in the absence of the Watsan Manager, will be involved directly in the implementation of project activities
  • Adapting and implementing both minimum Watsan standards and monitoring indicators (including reporting procedures) to the context to ensure that MSF's Watsan standards are reached and protocols are maintained
  • Conducting Watsan assessments in collaboration with project medical teams to identify Watsan needs at the project level, and summarizing findings to the direct line manager and recommending appropriate responses. In emergency response situations at the project level, leading the development and planning of Watsan emergency strategies and resources planning, in collaboration with the medical and logistical teams
  • Coordinating the execution of the Watsan activities and teams at the project level in order to meet quality indicators, time schedule and budget, preventing deviations and proposing immediate technical adjustments when necessary. Leading regular project meetings with the project’s Watsan Managers to facilitate the discussion and prompt resolution of problems, promoting regular exchange of information, and planning individual and joint activities
  • Guiding processes of Watsan technical support to the project's medical team in identifying possible “risk factors” (e.g. behavioural practices, environmental sources of infection, and transmission routes) and controlling measures to address modes of transmission of infection and corresponding ways of controlling spread. Monitoring the strict application of safety measures in all Watsan activities in the project
  • Planning, organizing and overseeing the inventory of the project's Watsan stock to ensure availability, proper purchasing, and appropriate technical specifications of required materials and equipment
  • Ensuring proper Watsan staffing, coaching and supervision at the project level, in close coordination with the project's HR department and Watsan Managers, all the associated processes (recruitment, briefing, training, performance evaluation, development and internal/external communication) to ensure both that the number and the skill levels of the team is appropriate. Serving as mentor and providing guidance to first time mission Watsan Managers in the application of Watsan activities and tools
  • Compiling and analysing statistical and monitoring data of Watsan activities at the project level, and ensuring regular and detailed reporting of results (e.g. SitRep; quarterly, donor or local authority reports), proceedings and problematic situations. Ensuring multidisciplinary data availability, collection and analysis of any activity impacting health status of the affected population


  • Academic background in engineering or an equivalent relevant training
  • Watsan in Emergencies Training within MSF is strongly recommended


  • Essential, at least 2 years in Watsan related professional experience, preferably within MSF
  • Desirable: experience in or familiar with implementing and promoting the use of two or more of the following activities (water supply, excreta disposal, waste and waste water management, vector control, and dead bodies management) in two or more different contexts (conflicts, natural disasters, refugee/IDP camps, etc.)
  • Desirable: public health background or experience


Mission language essential. Local language desirable


Computer literacy


  • People Management and Development L2
  • Commitment to MSF Principles L2
  • Behavioural Flexibility L3
  • Results and Quality Orientation L3
  • Teamwork and Cooperation L3

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