Level   2

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Activity Supervisor/ Activity Manager/ Project Coordinator

Reports to (Functional)

Activity Supervisor

Job Family


Main Purpose

Ensure registration and admission of patients visiting MSF health facilities and prepare the patient for his/her consultation according to MSF protocols.


  • Welcome patients, inform them about how the facility functions, and ensure the availability of a comfortable waiting area for them and their relatives.
  • Ensure good flow of patients avoiding overcrowded rooms and having patients standing up for long time while waiting for their turn
  • Bring any patient with an obviously serious medical problem to the attention of the medical assistant/doctor.
  • Identify patients and register their administrative details: The associated activities are, amongst others:
    • Create and update files for patients according to protocols, and ensure maintaining and filing system in good condition.
    • Taking the patients’ MUAC and noting them on relevant documents. (in OCA this is usually done by the triage nurse)
    • Checking vaccination status of children less than 5 years old.
    • Put an identification bracelet on the patient with the ID number of the child and the name of the center Refer to SFP those patients fitting the admission criteria for SFP (nutritional program-specific)
    • Ensure, maintain and promote confidentiality regarding all information registered.
  • Keep record of daily attendance, exits (cured, defaulter, death or transfer), and collaborate with the outreach team in their tracing of defaulters to ensure they come back.
  • Report daily to the hierarchical superior about daily/weekly admissions, defaulters.


Literacy essential.


None is required.


Mission language desirable and local language essential.


Essential knowledge of basic mathematics


  • Commitment
  • Flexibility
  • Stress Management
  • Results
  • Teamwork
  • Service

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