Level   10

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Project Medical Referent/ MAM/ Medical Coordinator

Reports to (Functional)

Medical Coordinator, Referent in HQ

Job Family

Medical and Paramedical

Main Purpose

Defining, implementing, coordinating and monitoring all activities in the mission related to physical rehabilitation and integration of the physiotherapy department in the project and in the broader objectives of the mission according to MSF protocols, standards and procedures in order to ensure the quality medical care for patients


  • Ensuring the technical quality of the physiotherapy activities and reinforcing individualized “hands-on” therapy. Answering and coordinating the programs’ logistical needs in cooperation and collaboration with the logistics team and field coordinators.
  • Monitoring and evaluating regularly the projects progress in line with the defined project objectives of the Yearly Action Plan. Maintaining data collection tools and providing monthly (both qualitative and quantitative) data to show the progress of activities within the Physiotherapy department. Providing monthly activities report to the Medical Coordinator and PMR.
  • Coordinating all physiotherapy needs and ensuring the integration of the PT department within the MSF medical team. Attending coordinative meetings, rounds and clinics as designated by the Medical Coordinator. Coordinating any emergency on physiotherapy level.
  • Where needed, collaborating on a Physiotherapy referral system for patients transferred to their place of residence. Coordinating the follow up and monitoring of the physiotherapy treatment on progress of the patients in their home, the needs and the rate of success. -Meeting regularly for coordination / information sharing with MSF Medco, HoM and other actors and collaborators relevant to physiotherapy needs and issues
  • Where needed, providing training of any kind (theoretical, on the job,…) related to physiotherapy and proposing physiotherapy protocols to be validated by the HQ medical department
  • Identifying his/her team’s needs, monitoring and providing support in terms of but not limited to, training, organization of the physiotherapy activities, team management, therapy and documentation. Replacing the physiotherapist supervisor when necessary.
  • Planning and supervising, with support of the HR department, the associated HR processes (recruitment, training/induction, evaluation, potential detection, motivation, development and internal communication) of his his/her team in order to ensure having the appropriate team in terms of size, capabilities and skills


Advanced degree in physiotherapy essential


  • At least 5 years’ experience in the field of rehabilitation and physiotherapy in particular ortho and trauma.
  • Experience with MSF or similar organisation in the field.
  • Experience in team management and training


Mission language essential, local language desirable


Essential computer literacy (word, excel and internet)


  • People Management and Development L2
  • Commitment to MSF principles L2
  • Behavioural Flexibility L3
  • Results and Quality Orientation L3
  • Teamwork and Cooperation L3

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