Level   10

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Project Medical Referent / Project Coordinator

Reports to (Functional)

Project Medical Referent- MTL / Medical Coordinator / Project Coordinator

Job Family

Medical and Paramedical / Operations

Main Purpose

Overall responsible for the development, implementation and monitoring of the HPCE program in MSF project, as well strengthening community action and being the responsible for capacity building of the HP team, according to MSF principles, protocols, and standards.

Preferably, the HPCE manager oversees the HPCE program in one project, but in specific situations the HPCE manager can have a flying role for multiple projects.


HPCE strategy, activities and monitoring

  • Responsible for the design/development of a regular updated HPCE strategy, activities, tools and monitoring system. Accountable of budget planning.
  • Follow up and support the HP supervisor on the implementation of the HPCE strategy (workplan, according to the chronogram; tool creation; training)
  • Ensure participatory approaches and patient/community consultation before and during implementation of the HPCE strategy.
  • Ensuring that the right process is followed for the design the health education materials and participatory methods. (pretesting, validation of content, translation)
  • Provide technical input and support to situation analysis (Rapid assessments/surveys / rumours-feedback monitoring) and ensure final reporting and information sharing with the project team.
  • Supervision of the implementation of the community-based surveillance (data collection, active case finding, linkage to care, tracing)
  • Support the HP supervisors on the organization of community meetings.
  • Contribute to the updated community mapping (community mapping, stakeholders, GIS etc.)
  • Ensure and regularly sharing with PC and medical team on updates regarding community mapping.
  • Capitalisation: document on lessons learned and capitalize on experiences (handover report, end of mission report, capitalisation report)
  • Ensure regular collaboration with other supervisors / managers (SRH, MH, NAM, MAM, Social Work, EH/WASH, LogM, Admin)

HP capacity building and supervision

  • Responsible for the development plan for the HP team, based on the needs assessment (evaluation), as well for the follow up in capacity building through training, coaching, community of practice events.
  • Managing and supervision of the quality of the HPCE activities done by the HPCE team at field level (based on a supervision checklist). (eg. Participatory methods and pedagogical techniques, active listening, use of tools, preparation /organisation)
  • Responsible of the recruitment and evaluation process for HP profiles (in collaboration with HR department).


Essential: bachelor degree in social sciences, behavioural sciences, public health, orientation health promotion / community health (or nursing diploma in community health). Desirable: master’s degree in any social sciences.


Essential 2 years working experience in related jobs (managing health promotion programs) outside your country or within MSF.
Experience in using qualitative methodology is essential. Experience in strategy design, implementation and monitoring is a must.


Mission Language essential; fluency in English, French or Spanish. Local Working Language Desirable.


Basic windows environment is a must. Knowledge of qualitative data treatment software like NVivo, graphics editing software (like photoshop) and/or others software’s, (such as KOBO Collect, OsMand, QGIS) is an added value.


•Strong strategic and analytical skills •People Management and Development L2 •Teamwork and Cooperation L3 •Results and Quality Orientation L3 •Commitment to MSF Principles L2 •Behavioural Flexibility L3

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