Level   12

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Head of Mission

Reports to (Functional)

Head of Mission

Job Family


Main Purpose

Together with the Head of Mission and the Coordination Team participates in the analysis and follow up of humanitarian context and security situation. Advising, participating, and when requested, representing the HoM with regards to relevant national partners/stakeholders. Support the Mission in understanding the present and the evolving environment, power structures and changing dynamics. Support in the development, implementation and maintenance of a networking and communication strategy, ensuring contacts with authorities, local communities and external actors. Participating and advising the HoM in the preparation of the overall planning of operations, including the review and update of the country policy, action plan.


  • Undertake country level actor mapping looking at national, provincial and regional (as relevant) authorities and conflict dynamics and support HoM(s) with context analysis.
  • Develop and maintain a network of contacts in order to share information on the context, follow trends, identify new risks and threats.
  • Gain an understanding of how MSF is perceived by health professionals, population and relevant actors (political, armed groups, religious authorities…).
  • Produce context analysis briefings highlighting the latest social, economic, political and security trends with (potential) impact on the security and humanitarian contexts
  • Map armed actors, community key-individuals and (ethnic) groups customary and political structures.
  • Analyse impact of local dynamics on project staff’s safety and security as well as impact on population at large.
  • In his/her advisory capacity, review, propose updates and advise the HoM in implementing the Country Security Plan, risk analysis/risk reduction measures, in accordance with MSF Security Policy.
  • Assist the HoM in dissemination of relevant context information to the coordination team, regularly inform them on key issues, update general information on the context for MSF internal documents, and advise on cultural appropriateness of organizational activities and individual behaviors
  • Support the HoM in official representation. Upon delegation, represent MSF in meetings.
  • Participate actively to the negotiation of access, identify gaps that prevent MSF to operate
  • Liaise with local potential stakeholders and help the HoM to create, reinforce and maintain links with local leaders, tribes, authorities, armed forces.
  • Advise on and be involved in the negotiations, finalization and maintenance of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between MSF and the Government / any other institution involved.
  • On request of the HoM, fill gaps and participate to the elaboration of different mission strategic documents, contributing to the mission´s strategic planning and objectives.
  • Raise security awareness among the staff through regular meetings on security context
  • Write up reports on each security incident affecting MSF personnel and monitors its aftermath.
  • Introduce actor-mapping methodology that can be independently maintained (regularly updated and improved) for each project.
  • Support and coach Coordination team members and Project Coordinators, on culturally sensitive manner of representation to local contacts, provide advice and support as needed evolution/challenges faced.


University Degree


  • Essential experience working in the mission country. Demonstrated capacity for analysis, networking and negotiation
  • Preferred experience working with MSF as HAO, PC, Dep HoM or HoM


Mission language and English


  • Strategic vision L2
  • Leadership L2
  • People Management and Development L3
  • Service Orientation L3
  • Teamwork and Cooperation L4

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