Level   7

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Finance and HR Coordinator

Reports to (Functional)

Finance and HR Coordinator

Job Family


Main Purpose

Assisting the Finance & HR Coordinator in the implementation and follow-up of the Finance/HR activities of the mission, while executing the accountancy and administration related tasks for the capital, according to MSF protocols, standards and procedures in order to ensure documentary traceability and compliance to local labour and fiscal regulations


  • Supporting the Finance & HR Coordinator with delegated tasks to ensure proper management in the Mission (budget, accounting, treasury, reporting, donors, auditing procedures, legal financial obligations, etc.) including the translation of documents into local language and assisting in meetings upon request. Supervising that the internal regulations in the mission are followed in order to ensure both tax and labour regulations compliance
  • Keeping updated on the local law and informing the Fin & HRCo of any changes or misalignment with the practices in place. Ensuring respect of and strict compliance to MSF standards (Chart of accounts, quality of documents, guidelines, expense validation procedures, cash security rules, etc.)
  • Carrying out all accounting tasks and activities for the capital, including efficient administration and management of petty cash. Ensuring confidentiality on all finance issues related to MSF as well as the strict control of all expenditures and the reliability of statements and documentation. Processing the payments to third parties, checking that receipts meet the necessary quality standards. Following up on the rental/service contract and insurances dates and informing the Fin & HR Co on time to organize payments and renewals
  • Filing hard copies of documents, entering the information in the accounting software and performing monthly closing procedures for the journals under his/her responsibility
  • Collecting information on the cost of living on a regular basis.
  • Executing recruitment activities in order to meet HR needs and executing all contract related activities (file opening and formal documentation archiving, personnel data updating, amendments, termination dates supervision, etc) in order to ensure legal compliance. Presenting and explaining contract terms and the content of the Internal Regulations, Staff Regulations, HR policies and/or living conditions in order to facilitate staff integration and their security
  • Collecting the variable pay slip elements for Homere (paid holidays, sick leave, unpaid leave, etc.) and supervising the payroll process, checking the list of employees and the amounts payable (variable pay, taxes and social security contributions) in order to ensure accurate and timely payroll payment
  • Supporting the FIN & HR Co in HR related processes such as registering applicants to training activities and evaluating the results thereof, drawing up annual holiday planning to schedule staff shifts and cover operational needs, organizing travel and files of all staff arriving in the mission (booking and purchase of tickets, pick up from airport, keeping/renewing passports, briefings, induction), ensuring that all staff have valid work, residence and travel permits



Desirable, certificate or diploma in business, HR Management or similar education.


  • Essential previous working experience of at least two years in relevant jobs
  • Desirable experience in MSF or other NGOs in developing countries


Essential, mission working language; desirable, local language.


  • Essential computer literacy (word, excel, internet)
  • Good working knowledge on MS Office


  • Results and Quality Orientation L2
  • Teamwork and Cooperation L2
  • Behavioural Flexibility L2
  • Commitment to MSF Principles L2
  • Stress Management L3

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