Level   1

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Activity Supervisor

Reports to (Functional)

Project Medical Referent / Hospital Facilities Officer/ Logistics Supervisor

Job Family

Medical & Paramedical

Main Purpose

Cleaning and disinfecting linen, blankets, mattresses, etc, according to MSF protocols and procedures and (international) hygiene standards, in order to ensure an efficient quality of care and safe environment


  • According to the protocols of an efficient laundry washing process, carrying out washing and disinfection of hospital linens, blankets, mattresses, professional clothes, etc.
  • According to the protocols of an efficient sterilisation process, carrying out the washing, the drying, the disinfecting, the packaging and the sterilization of the materials and surgical linens, keeping track of the sterilization process and its quality and ensuring a sufficient source of heat and the good functioning of the autoclave
  • Knowing, applying and making sure that the universal hygiene standards and security rules are respected for medical premises and according to protocols, cleaning and disinfecting health premises allocated to his/her position: patient’s rooms, staff room, storage room, kitchen, bathroom and latrine, doing it on a regular basis and as soon as the situation requires it
  • Following up and ensuring the quality of the waste triage and emptying out the dustbins as much as necessary to ensure a smooth and efficient quality of care and a safe environment. Working in close collaboration with the “outside hygiene agent” especially regarding waste elimination
  • Reporting all relevant information linked to the laundry or designated activities that should be communicated to the line manager


Literacy required


None required


Mission language desirable and local language essential


  • Commitment to MSF Principles L1
  • Behavioural Flexibility L1
  • Stress Management L1
  • Results and Orientation L1
  • Teamwork and Cooperation L1
  • Service Orientation L1

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