Level   7

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Activity Manager /Medical Doctor

Reports to (Functional)

Activity Manager /Medical Doctor

Job Family

Medical and Paramedical

Main Purpose

Implementing auscultation, diagnosis and prescription processes according to MSF protocols, universal hygiene standards and other medical indications, in order to support medical specialists’ follow up and health care activities and to ensure the quality and continuity of medical care to the targeted population


  • Ensuring quality triage activities, detecting incoming emergencies, in order to prioritize the provision of medical care to the most severe cases.
  • Proceeding to clinical examination, diagnosis of symptoms and conditions presented by patients, undertaking systematic and complementary examination, and obtaining accurate information (vaccination status, malnourishment detection, vital parameters, etc.) in order to propose appropriate treatment and ensure patients data traceability (epidemiological information, consultation forms, test results.).
  • Within his competences, establishing medical treatments in Outside Patients Department (OPD) according to diagnosed pathologies, identifying potential counter-indications of certain medicines and adapting the doses to patient’s individual needs (age, weight and other particularities) in order ensure therapy success.
  • Within his competences applying treatment and follow-up activities, according to MSF medical and prevention protocols such as PEP and SGBV and implementing PTE protocols, keeping contact with all patients, providing information and explanation regarding their health conditions, the treatments and the importance of following them correctly, and basic hygiene and nutrition praxis, in order to enhance a preventive culture among the population
  • Ensuring referral of patients whose health condition requires the consultation of a specialist (e.g. to the doctor for all difficult/complicated cases, to the reference, hospital for emergency hospitalization, to the nutritional centre for children presenting signs of malnutrition,, etc.,) in order to ensure the most appropriate health care.
  • Filling in consultation forms, registers and any epidemiological information for each patient, noting clearly medical prescriptions and test results and registers main elements and diagnoses. Collecting statistical data and report on any epidemiological risk (abnormal increases in certain pathologies or in the number of consultations), in order to actively implement appropriate measures.
  • Monitoring the rational use of medicines and medical equipment, in order to ensure efficient health care treatments under budget constraints and to avoid service disruption.
  • Ensuring that all staff using medical devices are qualified and trained. Ensuring cleaning and minor maintenance tasks are performed according to the protocols. Reporting any malfunction to the project biomedical service
  • Strictly applying all rules of hygiene during all medical activities, according to standards in place

PEP =Post Exposure Prophylaxis, SGBV = Sexual and Gender Based Violence, PTE = Patient Therapeutic Education


Essential, medical assistant diploma


Essential clinically certified work experience of at least 1 year


Essential working local language , desirable mission working language


Desirable computer literacy


  • Results and Quality Orientation L2
  • Teamwork and Cooperation L2
  • Behavioural Flexibility L2
  • Commitment to MSF Principles L2
  • Stress Management L3

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