Level   3

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Nursing Team Supervisor

Reports to (Functional)

OT Nurse

Job Family

Medical & Paramedical

Main Purpose

According to protocols applied in the corresponding service(s) or ward(s) of a medical structure, carrying out sterilization of medical equipment, instrument and surfaces, according to MSF protocols and procedures and universal hygiene standards, in order to ensure an efficient quality of care and safe environment


  • Knowing and strictly applying all specific sterilization and hygiene protocols and security rules. Proactively seeking advice and clarifications from the functional supervisor in case of doubt, about the specific protocols or procedure to follow in each specific case.
  • Maintaining clean, disinfected and safe, the working environment allocated to his/her position, applying the specific protocols and using the tools and equipment provided. This includes cleaning all instruments in the sterilization solution and running them through the sterilizer, operating at the instructed correct time.
  • Maintaining clean and organized, the sterilization area/room and equipment, recognizing all instruments as per the provided diagrams, organizing all instruments for packaging, packing the instruments according to the sets as directed by the supervisor and labeling all sets correctly with the expiry date clearly indicated
  • Delivering the instruments to the different wards or departments
  • Collecting and evacuating waste produced and by medical structures to the designated site, previously sorted by medical staff, emptying out dustbins as often as necessary to ensure an efficient quality of care and safe environment
  • Reporting any repair or maintenance work needed related to sterilization to the supervisor, as well as any relevant information related to his/her responsibilities
  • Ensuring availability of sterilized instruments and material, and drawing up orders for on-going needs
  • Performing minor maintenance and cleaning of the biomedical equipment following user manual and protocols. Alerting the supervisor in case of malfunctioning of any device


Literacy (reading and writing). Internally trained by MSF desirable. OT training desirable


Previous experience in relevant positions desirable


Mission language and local language essential


  • Results and Quality Orientation L1
  • Teamwork and Cooperation L1
  • Behavioural Flexibility L1
  • Commitment to MSF Principles L1
  • Stress Management L2

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