Level   9

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Head of Mission

Reports to (Functional)

Head of Mission / Operational Manager / Security Advisor HQ

Main Purpose

Developing, implementing and monitoring the security management within the operational lines at mission/project level according to MSF protocols, standards and procedures in order to support the mission’s risk reduction strategy


  • Analyzing the mission risk analysis and reduction strategy and reviewing the mission practices and tools for security analysis and management in line with MSF’s overall risk reduction strategy. Identifying current and potential vulnerabilities in the security Standard Operating Procedure (structural and managerial) & their actual implementation, proposing and applying in agreement with the operational line management, necessary improvements
  • Evaluating physical applied security measures currently in place in MSF operational area, premises (e.g. clinic, guest houses, and offices) and work duty stations in supported health and identify additional or enhanced measures that should be considered based on the risks identified, with the objectives to allow a permanent team presence and operation continuity
  • Examples of above: mapping of local protection measures/checkpoints/enforced security zone, access/egress points for pedestrians and vehicles at perimeter/building, entry points for utilities, location of gas/fuel tanks/hazardous materials storage, vehicle parking lots/facilities, person intrusion prevention, safe room/area, communication equipment and protocols, guard force status, etc.)
  • Identifying and categorizing potential areas of operation and routing per level of risk. Advising on necessary improvements in order to mitigate the risk and minimize the impact of each type of incident
  • Evaluating the mission context and security monitoring capacity as well as the current flow of security related information, proposing improvements if necessary
  • Reviewing and regular updating of the Standard Operating Procedure for movements and communication and related applied tools against updated risk analysis and security mapping
  • Regular updating of the critical Incident management set-up and evacuation plans


  • University Diploma , in a relevant field.


  • At least 2 years in management positions in humanitarian aid
  • Solid experience in operations and security management at field level (at least one year)
  • Strong security context analytical skills and capacity to develop strategic vision
  • Essential experience with MSF or other NGOs
  • Essential working experience with MSF or other NGOs


  • Mission language essential


  • Essential computer literacy (word, excel and internet)


  • People Management and Development L2
  • Commitment to MSF Principles L2
  • Behavioural Flexibility L3
  • Results and Quality Orientation L3
  • Teamwork and Cooperation L3

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