Niveau   4

Responsabilité Hiérarchique

Project Medical Referent / Activity Manager / Intercultural Mediator Supervisor/ Field Coordinator

Responsabilité Fonctionnelle

Project Medical Referent / Activity Manager / Intercultural Mediator Supervisor/ Field Coordinator

Domaine Professionnel

Operations/ Medical

But principal

Supporting the communication and interaction between beneficiaries (migrants and refugees) and care providers in the host country, through addressing consequences of language barriers, socio-cultural differences and discrimination, following MSF protocols and procedures, to improve access to quality health care and other relevant services and providing MSF with an understanding of local socio-cultural determinants.


Facilitating the relation between patients and the care providers involved in medical consultations, mental health, physiotherapy and social worker sessions, etc. through:

  • Providing quality and culturally sensitive interpretation between the care providers and the patient (trialogue) in his/her mother tongue (source language / target language), Supporting intercultural awareness, sensitiveness and clear communication between the parties
  • Assisting care providers and patients in addressing negative consequences of socio-cultural differences, to support the therapeutic/social intervention through sharing with the care providers relevant aspects of the cultural background of the patient, acting as a cultural broker; Identifying and reporting barriers impairing fairness and equality in access to services.
  • Accompanying and following up beneficiaries to referrals (health and social care facilities) as needed.
  • Participating in case management meetings & medical meetings on ad hoc basis

Together with relevant project team members, providing information to beneficiaries on the use of the health care system and other support services (shelter, food, transport, legal support) provided by MSF and other actors, with the aim to favour empowerment and autonomy of beneficiaries in “navigating” the hosts societies

Contributing to context understanding and data collection on medical/humanitarian issues, with a specific attention to vulnerabilities, to provide reliable information for operational decision-making through:

  • Ensuring quality linguistic and intercultural interpretation during the collection of testimonies for advocacy/ communication purposes.
  • Supporting administration of assessments/ surveys when needed
  • Reporting all important information expressed by the beneficiaries and the communities, ensuring confidentiality at all times
  • Supporting media reviews and content creation for communication

**When requested supporting other MSF activities (HP activities, NFI distribution, crowd control, etc.)

Guaranteeing confidentiality, impartiality and neutrality. Declaring conflict of interest.**

See specific objectives provided for each vacancy with possible specific accountibilities based on context and project set up, e.g. SAR; Psychological First Aid (PFA,) ad hoc HP/community activities.
Relevant internal MSF training will be provided according to the project e.g. MSF principles, ethics and code of conduct; interpreting technique; inter cultural communication and mediation in medical and mental health setting possibly with focus on rehab for survivors of torture, ill treatment and sexual violence , PFA, etc.


  • Essential secondary education. Desirable degree in social sciences, social communication or teaching
  • Training in interpretation or intercultural mediation is an asset.


  • Minimum two years’ experience in similar position, preferably in provision of medical services and/or with NGOs
  • Previous experience in migration/refugee contexts


  • Mother tongue/C2 for the specific languages required is essential
  • Proficiency for MSF language English and/or French
  • Desirable proficiency for mission local language - i.e. Greek, Serbian, Italian, Arabic


  • Knowledge of migration dynamics and of the affected population
  • Desired knowledge of the culture and organisation (e.g. health care system) of the host society/country
  • Strong communication, and social skills (attentive listening, open attitude, empathy, sensitivity)
  • Capacity to work in a multidisciplinary team
  • Initiative, creativity and flexibility
  • Capacity to adjustment to change
  • Strong interest in helping vulnerable population


• Results and Quality Orientation L1 • Teamwork and Cooperation L1 • Behavioural Flexibility L1 • Commitment to MSF Principles L1 • Service Orientation L1 • Stress Management L3

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