Level   9

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Project Coordinator (Field Coordinator) / MH activity manager

Reports to (Functional)

Medical Coordinator/ Medical Focal Point

Job Family


Main Purpose

To collaborate with MSF medical staff on the integration of psychiatric treatment with basic healthcare services in order to insure the treatment of patients suffering from severe and common psychiatric disorders.


  • Provide treatment for patients suffering from severe and common psychiatric disorders with specific attention to the cultural context.
  • Provide training and supervision to national and international medical staff (doctors and nurses) on diagnosis and treatment of severe and common mental health disorders according to MSF guidelines
  • Participate as a member of the mental health team when present and offer supervision and support to national psychologists and counselors
  • Ensure that guidelines and psychotropic medications from MSF standard drug list are available in the project
  • Ensure that proper information on treatment and follow up are collected in order to monitor the provision of care.
  • Evaluate in-country available psychiatric services including possibilities for psychiatric hospitalization and the quality of these services.
  • Form a relationship with MoH and exploration of sustainability of psychiatric treatment.
  • Establish collaboration/communication with medical specialties in the project in order to achieve a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care.


MD degree, specialized training in psychiatry


  • Essential working experience as a psychiatrist
  • Experience in training and supervision

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