Level   5

Reports to (Hierarchical)

HP-IEC Supervisor

Reports to (Functional)

HP-IEC Supervisor

Job Family


Main Purpose

Implement Health Promotion/IEC (Information, Education, Communication)activities with patients and local population to raise their knowledge and skills on relevant medical topics.


  • Inform patients and communities about MSF and services it provides.
  • According to medical priorities, deliver information to the patients and community on specific health topics
  • Implement activities of health education and awareness (sessions in schools, churches, community), under the indications and supervision of the HP Supervisor.
  • Under the guide of HP Supervisor, assess the impact of activities (with questions, verifications and behaviors observations), and report problems, success and constraints to him/her.
  • Collect all type of information related to specific health and living conditions of the population, in particular to identify the most vulnerable populations to target.
  • Report to HP Supervisor: activities, problems met, strengths and constraints.
  • For OCBA: Establish and maintain contacts with social partners, including other NGO’s, governmental health services that can provide answers to social problems.
  • For OCBA: Keep education and communication areas clean and tidy and professional materials available.
  • For OCBA:Participate in creation of any material needed for the activities of information, education and communication.


  • Education level in social science, social communication, nurse or teaching
  • It is necessary a internal MSF training on health messages


Preferable previous experience in teaching, nursing or social work, community mobilization (for OCBA, at least two years).

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