Level   4

Reports to (Hierarchical)


Reports to (Functional)


Job Family

Medical and Paramedical

Main Purpose

Supervising the nutritional assistants to ensure that nutritional care is being delivered in a safe, effective and timely manner according to MSF protocols, standards and protocols in order to improve health conditions of the targeted population


  • In coordination with the nurse, the Nursing Activities Manager, logistics and other staff involved, monitoring the daily consumption of therapeutic food and other consumables (e.g. soap) to ensure the necessary resources for appropriate food distributions in adequate conditions (quantity and quality).
  • Coordinating the nutritional assistants’ activities with the medical and logistics department and serving as liaison between different teams in order to ensure timely care and to address any actual or potential barriers to care delivery.
  • Supervising all nutritional assistants’ activities, ensuring correct technique for measurement of weight, and providing support during food preparation, distribution and feeding. Ensuring the team observe all hygiene protocols and food safety rules and encourages patients and caregivers to do the same
  • In coordination with Logistics, monitoring and ensuring cleanliness of the nutritional centre and and appropriate hygiene conditions of the premises and food, checking availability of water, clean cups, etc.
  • Ensuring that all staff using medical devices are qualified and trained. Ensuring cleaning and minor maintenance tasks are performed according to the protocols. Reporting any malfunction to the project biomedical service.List item
  • Ensuring proper HR management of the nutritional assistants under his/her direct responsibility and liaises with HR responsible when needed. Providing training to new nutritional assistants. Mediating when any problem arises between patients and the Nutritional Assistants under his/her responsibility, and informing HR responsible when necessary
  • Ensuring that mothers are well informed about the functioning of the centre and the state and evolution of their child and encouraging them to keep breastfeeding in addition to feedings provided. Reporting any weight loss or change in behaviour of the child.
  • Planning and organizing the nutritional assistants' tasks and their working schedule (patient assignments, daily attendance, etc.) managing replacements and reporting absences/delays to the nurse. On request of the Nurse, performing any reasonable duties (i.e. assisting nurses with measurements when needed, etc.).
  • Reporting to the nurse of any food shortages, or any problem that may arise related to the functioning of the centre. Refers security problem to Logistics


Literacy essential, health related training desirable


None required. Desirable previous experience in similar position in MSF or other NGO’s in a developing country

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